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Excavation and Earthmoving

We perform all aspects of excavation and earthmoving from simple non-specification digs to all out detailed excavation to plan, using laser guidance for heights/levels and marking out boundaries/edges to site specific and plan specific specifications.

We do all sorts of excavation, not just a particular type like most companies. We can perform general rough excavation, detailed excavation, trenching, final trim works, and loading and bulk material handling. We can use GPS systems to perform particular site specific tasks or, as we are detailed excavation specialists, dig from a detailed plan or drawing eg. excavations for detailed concrete slabs or structures.


Mainly use our own fleet of excavators but also have full time access to other machinery via companies we regularly do business with ie rollers, bulldozers, graders, dump trucks, road trucks. Depending on the requirement, we can trench using either pipe laser system, laser depth control system, and also can ascertain GPS excavation system for site specific tasks.

Tight access in difficult spaces

We have our own zero swing excavator, as well as short radius excavator, and also conventional sized excavators so we have not yet had an issue with getting access to perform a task.

Ensuring accurate and safe excavation

A number of factors have to be taken into account for safe excavation, among them soil type-soft or uncompacted or fill material may require a number of measures from benching, extra or over excavation, shields, sheet piling, shoring among others. Better or harder material types may require a lot less work to be deemed safe, but again site specific regulations can always impact your excavation.

Initial scanning or locating services are a must to ascertain whether there is a danger of services in the area to be excavated. Hand excavation is also a must in unknown areas before you can use machinery to excavate further. Rock can obviously changes these circumstances again where the excavator will mainly spend time with a hydraulic hammer breaking before loading out the rock. Water may be used here again to ensure safe excavation for suppressing dust which can be harmful.

Again, a lot of factors must be taken into account for any safe excavation, all which can and will be done but will also vary from almost every job.

Fully Insured, Licensed and Experienced Operators

All operators have current licenses and all have a reputation for leaving good work behind them wherever they go. We are fully insured for both mobile plant and vehicles, as well as public liability to the value of $20,000,000.

We are WH&S compliant but are also working on bringing a new WH&S system on board, one which will incorporate plant and machinery pre starts and swms onto a simple phone app which can be accessed anytime any place via internet connection.

Examples of Jobs We Have done?

We recently performed all of the trenching, excavation for slabs, footing and floors as well as all above ground concrete structures for the new Boral Deer Park Quarry plant. Approximately 200 concrete footing for various conveyor structures, sub stations were dug to plan, along with a number of large floor slabs for fixed plant, all dug using laser levelling. On top of this we brought the water and power in to site, and then dug every trench to service every piece of equipment on the plant. We used various mobile plants on this job, an excavator for all digging work, dump truck to haul away all spoil to a determined tip site, DPU compactions plates to compact fill under footing etc as well as larger mobile rollers to compact around floor slabs and bases during the backfill process.This is just an example of recent work.