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About Us

At Keenan Earthworks we take a lot of care and pride in our work. Where others will look for excuses and a way out of doing the extra work, we look for that extra mile in every job to give our customers satisfaction and continue to grow our reputation for quality and reliability.

Our past work speaks for itself, but also so does our relationship with the companies we have previously worked for. There is not a single company we have worked for who we have fallen foul of in any way. In most cases we have in fact worked for these companies more than once.

We wish to succeed not by cutting corners or overcharging, but by continuing to do good work for the right people.

Company Origins

Keenan Earthworks was founded by Gus Keenan to provide a hardworking, honest, reliable and proactive excavation and earthmoving company who take a lot of pride in their work.

Driving machinery since his mid teens, Gus started full time earthmoving and excavating straight after school. He spent the next 10 years between drainage, roadworks and road construction, lots of civil construction work, some residential excavation, and even some work building horse training arenas.

Now with over 20 years experience Keenan Earthworks specialise in providing detailed excavation, final trim and finishing services, all aspects of earthmoving and excavation, civil construction works, and waste handling and placement.

We can perform any project from start to finish alleviating the need for constant change of personnel for each different aspect.

Keenan Earthworks

1 Hughes Ct, Sunbury VIC 3429

P: 0420 442 334

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